Additional Maternity Information

What we do during your appointments. Everything you need to know.

The telephone number for the Women’s Center at Houston Medical Center is (478) 542-7790.

Bleeding can occasionally occur after intercourse or, sometimes just before labor, pink “show” will be seen. Bright, red blood at any time is a concern.

After hours, if you think your membranes are ruptured, or you think you are in labor, please go to the Women’s Center. If you are not feeling fetal movement, lie down and stimulate the baby with movement, food (something sweet), or drink (soft drink) and wait a couple of hours. If the baby does not move ten times in two hours, go to the Women’s Center.

If you experience any of these things during office hours, call us in the office for assessment.

Our office hours are 8:30AM to 5:00PM Monday – Friday. There is always someone on call to address any concerns you might have. Please call us at (478) 922-9136.

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Questions? Call us at (478)-922-9136