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Registration is required for each class. For more information or to register, call EduCare at 923-9771

Baby Care Boot Camp
This is an excellent class for those who will care for newborns and young infants. The training covers
a variety of topics from infant health and safety to caring for fussy babies. Participants will learn baby care essentials including bathing, diapering, feeding, healthy sleeping and eating patterns, cord care, and much more. The class provides education as well as an opportunity to ask questions or discuss concerns. Cost is $5 per couple.

Breastfeeding Class
Breastfeeding is the best and ideal way of feeding your baby. Your breast milk is perfectly matched to meet your baby’s needs for proper growth and development. This class provides expectant moms with all the information needed to be successful
in breastfeeding your newborn. Learn about the proper latch, various feeding positions, infant feeding cues, guidelines for frequency and duration of feedings, and much more! Class is free.

Gestational Diabetes Education Program
Gestational Diabetes can be a very serious condi-tion of pregnancy if not controlled. The goal of the program is to work collaboratively with the patient’s physician and staff to ensure a good outcome for both mother and baby. The program includes a Registered Nurse providing diabetes education as well as how to monitor blood sugar or insulin administration as needed. The program also includes nutritional instruction with a Registered Dietitian. Class is free.

Grandparenting 101
Grandparents play a special and important role in any family; however, times have changed, as well as the information related to child-rearing. That’s why it’s important to be familiar with current baby-care issues. This class focuses on infants through three years of age, and will include information on safety issues, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), infant development, schedules and routines, along with a car seat overview. If you are new or soon-to-be grandparents or are currently raising your grandchildren, this class is for you. Class is free.

Great Expectations Prepared Childbirth Series – Six Weeks
These classes help the expectant family make in-formed decisions about their birth experience. We cover anatomy of the reproductive system, stages of labor, birth, cesarean sections, epidurals, basic baby care, maternal care after delivery, and a tour of The Women’s Center at Houston Medical Center. You will learn the importance of relaxation along with a variety of coping skills for labor. Meets one night a week for six weeks. Participants should dress comfortably. Class is free.

Sibling Class
An exciting way for children to prepare for a new baby’s arrival. This class is organized for a child’s short attention span with activities that are fast-paced, well-planned, and, above all, fun! The class includes a video, tour of The Women’s Center, discussion, storytelling and refreshments. For children ages 3 to 10. A parent is required to attend with their children. Class is held monthly at The Women’s Center and is free.

Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple
Most new moms have lots of questions on how to return to work and continue to breastfeed. Join this class to learn about milk production, pumping, child care, milk storage and handling, and much more. This class provides answers to these major concerns and serves as a follow up to the initial breastfeeding class. Class is free.

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